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Want to inspire your team to take ownership of their own growth and the health of their club? Change Your Colours can help! Click on the video image below to see how it works.

Change Your Colours was a concept dreamed up by 2013-2014 District 21 LGET, Gene Vickers to get teams more engaged in the Distinguished Club Program. It worked but was difficult to maintain the constantly changing spreadsheets. Mike Carr caught Gene’s vision and turned it into a web program that fully integrates with the Toastmasters International Club Status Dashboard.

Explore the DCP Change your Colours Online Tool at

-          Discover new ways to use the tool to motivate your team

-          Connect with other clubs who share the same challenges

-          Watch your colours change as your club meets the goals you set in your team’s Club Success Plan.




Nominations for 2015 /2016 D21 Officers

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Continue Building Leadership Skills the Toastmasters Way!




The District 21 Nominating Committee is looking for your help in finding members with the desire to learn and the passion to serve our District in 2015 / 2016. The time is now to step out of your comfort zone and broaden your skills. You will be glad you did.


Elected Offices:


District Director (formerly District Governor)

Program Quality Director (formerly Lt. Governor Education & Training)

Cl ub Growth Director (formerly Lt. Governor Marketing)

Division Director (formerly Division Governor)



These officers will be elected at the District Council Business meeting on May 9, 2015.


The Secret to Being a Power Networker Revealed!

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Power Networking graphicv2 Okay, if you are thinking that is a pretty bold statement to make, I would agree with you.

Any time that you see the words “secret” and “revealed” together in the same sentence, I would advise caution. It is usually followed by a request for payment for the content of the secret to be revealed to you. I am going to reveal the secret to you for free, after all, it was given to me at no charge.

The secret to being a power networker is … [drum roll please] ACTASIF. Say what?

Simply put, to be a power networker i.e. one who is effective in their networking activities, act as if you already are successful. You may find it somewhat anticlimactic to hear this one word secret if you haven’t heard the expression before. Another way of saying it would be “fake it until you make it.” Or with a bit of a stretch it could be “mind over matter.”

“Act as if it were impossible to fail.” — Dorothea Brande

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