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Take the Club Leadershp Challenge

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Boost Your Club Membership! (Now until April 1)

Take the ...


Club Campaign ChallengeIt’s amazing what can happen when a team of brains, talent and resources pulls together to achieve a goal. Rally your team into action! Put together a unique PR campaign or event to bring in guests who turn into members.


Make it UNIQUE! The Possibilities are ENDLESS …

Try a funky social media campaign … organize a flash mob … hold a Soap Box Speech-a-thon.

Club Campaign Social media graphic



Try ANYTHING! The more unique, the better


Then send us video, photos, an article or the media footage from your local TV station, whatever you can dig up. We will post the postable recaps on our website, with your club’s contact information, so other clubs can connect with you and learn creative ways to bring more guests in for THEIR club!


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There will be awards at the Spring Conference for the BEST CAMPAIGNS based on:


     30% - Originality

30% - # of Guests

                         30% - % of Guests who Sign up as Members

    10% - Fun Factor


 Please send your submission to Carol Carter D21 Lieutenant Governor Marketing (14-15) by clicking here.

To submit your video, please upload to Youtube to your personal or club account, then send the url to Carol.


Introducing Carol Carter DTM: Lieutenant Governor Marketing (14-15)

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Carol Carter"What do you want to learn this year? Be selfish about your learning." advised my very wise mentor – Pat Johnson. I wish I'd met her when I was 20.

It was a very thought provoking question. What do I want to learn this year? When I joined Toastmasters, I had a purpose – to get rid of my career limiting shakes, sweats, stammers and brain fluff moments, so I could provide leadership and communication workshops for teams and managers. It worked!

Not only that, I learned about different countries in the world, jobs I know I will never do, near death experiences I hope I never have, sports I will never play. Your stories inspire, inform and help all of us gain a little more humanity. What an amazing program we have the privilege to participate in each week, anywhere on the planet! Isn't it good enough to just participate?


Live Interview with Darren LaCroix

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Darren LacroixLast week, 2001 World Champion Darren LaCroix sat down with District 21’s Ian Cunliffe to talk candidly about what it takes to become a better public speaker.

Darren talks about the role of mentors in a speaker’s development, shares an inspiring, previously untold personal story about overcoming adversity, and reveals expert strategies for using the stage to tell your story like a world champion.

You can listen to the complete interview here.


Introducing Fai Murray Lieutenant Governor Education & Training (LGET)

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Fai MurrayI joined Toastmasters in 2008, my curiosity aroused by the enthusiasm my friends and family had for their TM Clubs. I quickly understood why.

Toastmasters Clubs were special places, open for everyone who was willing to venture out to try something new. The commitment was that each would grow in their personal journey to overcome their fear of public speaking and learn the confidence to excel. I saw transformation in others. I experienced the power and renewed energy in my own life.

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