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Change Your Colours Contest!

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Our success is based on the health of our club. A healthy club supports our efforts as club members and budding leaders. What if we had a simple way to capture a snapshot of our club's health? With suggestions for how our club could be even better - healthier - than it is now?

District 21 is launching the Change Your Colours Contest - open to all clubs, with prizes to be won at contest's end. The biggest prize is, of course, a healthy club: yours. Prizes to be announced soon. For contest details, contact your Area and / or Division Governor. Or watch this spot - we will update the club colours chart and contest information right here.

Click on the image(s) below to see your club's current colour. Here's to a healthy club - cheers!

Charts Updated as of March 23, 2014

District 21 North   District 21 South



Learning from the Masters – a life-long lesson

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By Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey, DTM, Accredited Speaker

For THE LINK, March 2014 issue                                                                          


I've been inspired by some great speakers over the years and share a few recollections and lessons from that inspiration. In 1972 I watched veteran entertainer Art Linkletter mesmerize his audience while I waited backstage for Dr. Vincent Peale to go on at the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary, Alberta.

Off stage, Dr. Peale sounded and acted like a typical grandpa. Visualize a 65 plus year old man (ok, back then he looked really old), walking slowly on stage to thunderous applause, after being introduced by MC Don Hudson. I wondered how he would do.


In Your Hands, Under Your Feet

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by Frank Coldicott  ACG, ALS
for THE LINK, March 2014 issue                                                                             

I’m one of those Toastmasters who have been around forever.  It was 1967 when I joined Vernon TM Club 1929. Eight clubs later, I’m a member of the Morningstars club in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast.

Recently, I was challenged to give a ‘pot boiler’ motivational speech at a neighbouring TM club. My obvious choice of topic was “Toastmasters.” However, in boiling it down I discovered that the impetus for entitling my speech, “In Your Hands, Under Your Feet,” was “power.”  I was once again struck by the power within us all, and how Toastmasters can reveal and unleash that power.


Can Toastmasters bring Success in your life?

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by Ray Hill DTM 

I am turning 68 this year, and as one ages, one often looks back on their life in retrospect, to see if they were successful. Wondering whether they left a good mark on the world. Wondering, if you actually changed the world, making it better by your having been in it.


The first and hardest thing, was to define success, as it applied to me. I divided my life into sectors, even though I am the sum of those sectors, to find it’s meaning for me. I saw my life as composed of family, friends, relationships with the people around me, and last, although not least, work.


Do You Credit TM?

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by Margaret Hope DTM

for THE LINK, March 2014 issue                                                                                                                                                                                            

“My speech tonight is about Dawgs.”


I was 11 years old and competing in a 4H speech contest in Armstrong, BC. I wanted to differentiate between the outdoor farm mongrel and the furry creature that invaded our house, and my heart. I had visuals. I had notes. I’m certain I made eye contact at least once. And I beat the clock.


After we each delivered a three minute speech, someone described as a “Vernon Toastmaster” rose to evaluate our efforts. I’m sure my speech was a real “dog,” but our evaluator delivered praise, encouragement and advice. After that, I kept competing and benefiting from Toastmaster feedback. 

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