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Message from Outgoing District 21 Governor - May Soo-Tveita, DTM

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District 21 Members Extraordanaire:

As we work toward the final hours of my term as the first District Governor in the first year of realigned District 21, and the last ever District Governor in toastmasters history, I feel quite sad and exhilarated as we close the year.

It's been an unforgettable year for me, with more ups and downs than you could have imagined especially at the start and throughout the term with several challenges namely, geographical distance, 75% low member clubs, small operational budget made tighter with high travel costs and of course, with every leadership experience - interesting teams. Being a realigned year, it was a term that many regarded as "messy" so I dare say, not running away and overcoming this term intact with lessons learnt and to ponder over, is itself an achievement.


Help District 21 RISE

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As of Monday, June 29 (1 day left) ... yes, we're right down to the wire. Paperwork has gone in to save two clubs and charter another. We're still waiting, hoping that either Island Excellence charters or VI Entrepreneurs regains survival strength.


*hear drum rolling*


We CAN be a Distinguished District and, more importantly, exit this year, heading into next year, healthier and stronger than we started July 1, 2014. That's what the DCP is all about.


How can you strengthen your club today? Who do you want to learn and grow with who isn't a member of your club? Call that special person. Call your executive and have one of them enter their membershp. They will have manuals within two weeks, to start their journey to greater communication, leadership, self-confidence and personal growth.


This picture below does not tell the whole story. Toastmasters World Headquarters is working hard to catch up on paperwork being sent in from around the planet. We might not have our final results until half way through July. Hopefully what we will know, is that we did our best this year with what we have from where we are. Keep doing your very best TODAY!


Contact me (Carol Carter) to find out how you can help right now!




June Message from your LGM - Are You Healthy?

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It's almost June 30th, that special Toastmasters date when a snapshot is taken of all clubs. That picture of your team on June 30th represents your year forever. So ... how do you look?doctor Is your team the "Picture of Health"?

At least 30 Distrct 21 clubs are VERY close to achieving Distinguished or better club status. They need a few more members and/or DCP points.

If you're aking "Why bother?", you probably aren't motivated by gold stars, ribbons, or bragging rights. There's a better way - a very important way - to see the Distinguished Club Program. It's more than a set of numbers. Your DCP status is your club's annual "Picture of Health" ...


Club Campaign Challenge Winners

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Wondering "How do we bring new guests into our club?" Tired of the same old Open Houses? Here's some NEW ideas to inspire your team!Club Campaign Challenge

Several clubs rose to the challenge to promote their club to their community in a fun, unique, attention-getting way. They stretched outside the box and held some amazing events! A few of those clubs actually submitted their event information for consideration in the Club Campaign Challenge. Those entries were judged on ...


Sign up for Club Coach Training

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A club near you qualifies for a club coach right now!

49 Distrct 21 clubs have 12 or fewer members and qualify for a club coach. Would you like to learn how to help a club turn it all around? Are you ready to learn club coaching skills and take this next step in your leadership and communication journey?The rewards of coaching a club to Distinguished are tremendous and will last a lifetime. You will also make a diference in the lives of a whole new team of people.

Read below to find out what else is in it for you ...

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